hummingbirdFullValarie is a master shaman utilizing sacred rituals and techniques in her healing services. Illness is observed holistically. The well-being of a person is perceived in the alignment of mind, body and spirit – the Sacred Balance.

Often clients are not sure what they need or what to ask for. No problem. Give voice to your intent and symptoms and Valarie will access what is needed in order to perform your healing service. Each healing service is customized and specific to each client. Valarie is also gifted in long distance healing and is able to extract entities from clients no matter where they are in the world.


Shamans hold that illness has a spiritual origin founded in a trauma experienced. The trauma energetically imprints and if left unhealed can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Shamans track symptoms to their source – healing the spiritual origins and thus the imprint allowing for balance.

After shamanic healings there is an “integration” period in which shifts (some subtle, some not so much) occur.



Illumination is an ancient energy healing technique that comes from the Q’ero shamans of Peru, the descendants of the Inca. Sluggish energy around the chakras imprints to the Luminous Energy Field. This can result in feeling stuck or haunted by past events. The Illuminations process clears the negative imprints enabling a reconnection with the true-self considered the Infinite Source of all that is. In this sacred space the Luminous Energy Field is replenished and revived. Clients often report that they feel more balanced, centered, peaceful and energized.


As a Master Shaman, Valarie is experienced and skilled in all shamanic practices but she specializes in removing dark magic. Her direct approach in removing Entities, Hexes, Curses, and Spells is powerfully effective. Whether pertaining to an individual, a family member or a whole family lineage, Valarie is able to track through time and unwind these complexities to restore balance.


A spiritual extraction is the healing of spiritual intrusions. An intrusion is caused by negative thought forms or unresolved feelings that have been taken into the body.  This may be in response to a self-felt hurt or a projection from another. Intrusions can also originate from repeated self-abuse and negative self-talk or from a physical injury.

Manifestation of an intrusion can be in the form of depression, pain or illness. Left untended an intrusion can turn into a chronic condition – the spirit weakened, made vulnerable by soul loss or power loss. A spiritual extraction removes and releases the intrusion restoring balance.

A Crystal Extraction is removal of crystallized objects that are stored in the Luminous Energy Field due to past or present life trauma.

A Liquid Extraction is removal of an entity in the Luminous Energy Field. The entity is returned to the light.


Soul Loss is a shamanic term describing an imbalance caused by the loss of some part of our vital essence. It is a spiritual illness caused by trauma and can manifest in emotional or physical disease. The vital essences, or soul parts, are tracked using ancient techniques and prayer. Valarie reintegrates the parts to restore sacred balance. Soul retrieval returns the aspects that our lost soul parts embodied.

This process involves a shamanic journey in which a particular issue that the client is dealing with is tracked back to the original wounding in a previous lifetime. This reveals itself as a story, a soul contract, an aspect of the soul that is ready to be integrated, and a gift that has come out of the experience.


Munay-Ki translates as “be as thou art”. The Rites of the Munay-Ki directly transform the Luminous Energy Field. Energetic transmissions heal the wounds of the past whether they originate as karmic, genetic programs or inherited beliefs.  Receiving the Munay-Ki provides information and awakens the seeds of consciousness that already exist within awaiting remembrance.


This process clears out negative thought-forms and entities, as well as restoring a healthy flow of energy to the space. This is literally a healing for your home, office space or land. There may be inexplicable occurrences, “bad” feelings associated with the space or the desire to cleanse the energy of the previous inhabitants and receive a blessing.  Clearing is comprised of connecting reaching the suffering and transitioning o a place of peace, followed by a re-energizing and balancing the space.


Valarie brings comfort in a time often shadowed by fear. Ideally, the Death Rites begin with the illumination process to prepare the luminous body for release. During the final breaths the Death Rites are administered. This sacred process allows graceful transition during the final journey of a lifetime.